With Clientele Loans you can improve your cash flow

Clientele Loans offers the maximum kind of loan with the online application, insurance and low interest rates the loan is up to R120 000 with the repayment month’s ranges between 18 and 60 months the online is fast and the loan is directly deposited in your account Clientele Loans have just made it easy to apply.

Ways to apply

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Clientele Loans offers the online application and the loan is unsecured to apply all you need is to be 18 years or older, be a South African citizen, earn a minimum salary of R2 500 per month, clear credit record, valid ID and a working bank account and see if you qualify and make a change in your life with the Clientele Loans.

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What does the Clientele Loans offers

The Clientele Loan offers a personal loan of up to R120 000 with the repayment month from 18 to 60, personal protection plan, fixed interest rates, flexible repayment periods and the online application that is so easy to complete for more on Clientele Loan visit their website www.clientele.co.za.

Contact details

Call:+27(0) 11 320 3000 or Email:services@clientele.co.za or Fax:+27(0) 11 320 3133

Clientele Personal Loans

Clientele Personal Loans