Personal Loan To Consolidate Credit Card Debt

When you’re using a personal loan to consolidate debts, a longer term gets you lower monthly payments, but you’ll have a higher interest rate.

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You also want to know about the fees and expenses associated with your personal loan. They may include loan origination fees, loan transaction fees or loan prepayment penalties.

Dodge lead generators

What you want to avoid online are companies that are just lead generators for lenders and not actually in the business of lending money to consumers.

One lead generation site actually had this disclaimer: “The operator of this website is not a lender, does not offer loans of any kind or make credit decisions.”

Cut out the middleman. You want to control the personal loan application decision and not let others control it for you.

Don’t make too many applications

While I’m all for shopping for lenders, with personal loans you have to be careful not to fill out multiple loan applications. Each time you apply for a loan, it shows up as a credit inquiry.

A credit inquiry stays on your credit report for 2 years but impacts your credit score only in the first year. Multiple credit applications hurt your chances to get approved for a personal loan. Limiting your personal loan applications to 1 or 2 lenders is best.

Looking for a loan that suits you as an individual then can help.

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